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Time Out: Indulge In Sophistication & Grandeur At These Singapore Hotel Bars & Lounges


The Westin Singapore, Level 32 © The Luxe Brigade

Heaven is a place on Earth, if you know where to seek. An extensive episode of reconnoitering and upfront sampling of experiences culminates in the sharing of this carefully curated list of recommendations. Whether you desire a serene spot to chill out in the evening, or a whale of a time sipping cocktails, mingling around and enjoying the view from a sexy pool cum bar setup, we are supremely confident there will be a pristine location befitting of your leisurely inclinations. Remember, you only live once.

1. 1927 Rooftop Bar, Level 6, Hotel Telegraph Singapore (Formerly Sofitel So Singapore)


1927 Rooftop Bar, Hotel Telegraph Singapore © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: Ask for a real pool party, you shall get it. Designer cocktails, hippy chic music blaring in the background and folks totally in the mood for socialising, have fun on the deck or soak in the waters surrounded by the stoic yet ironically picturesque physical complexes of the central business district. Expect humongous crowds to descend upon this destination come dusk and weekends.

2. Atrium Bar @ Pan Pacific Singapore, Ground Floor


Atrium Bar, Pan Pacific Singapore © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: It's definitely a case of "smooth baby....oh so very smooth" at this resident bar establishment inside the esteemed Pan Pacific Singapore hotel. Spanning a jaw-dropping 44 meters in length and sexily complemented by a vast array of seating pods, savor the smouldering hot mix of neon lights, sensual music and charming house pours. Want to feel truly pampered and decadent? Ditch the incessant mulling and just head over there pronto.

3. Lobby Lounge, Level 32, The Westin Singapore


Lobby Lounge, The Westin Singapore © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: Crafted with a sense of velvety precision, the centerpiece of the lobby lounge at The Westin Singapore is without a doubt its circular bar top boasting a mainly teak chassis. A subtle nod to the Victorian era of design is unmistakable as evidenced from the towering mock library mounted in the background and the classical suite of furniture deployed on the lounge's premises. Addicts of magnificently tranquil settings will lap this up in a heartbeat. Sip a cuppa, or down a beer whilst being serenaded by silky slow beats. Lay stretched out on one of them couches near the window panes, and dreamily enjoy sweeping views of various skyscrapers and the sprawling maritime facilities further out. If only ambience can be bottled and subsequently inhaled at one's pleasure.

4. The Library, Level 2, Capella Singapore (Tanah Merah Block)


The Library, Capella Singapore © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: Housed in a restored colonial facility, the library is decked out in warm sensual shades of maroon and beige set against a largely good old prime white background. Being simply named as such, it caters to the potentially serious reading crowd with its curated selection of titles stocked on robust wooden shelves and cabinets. Whilst indulging in an atmosphere filled with the splendid oxymoron of solemn and laid-back, feel free to request a fresh brew of coffee or tea from the ever helpful concierge staff. Read away, or chat away. Should one desire to munch on something, a long table hosting an assortment of snacks and small bites packed in various canisters awaits. Note though this slice of physical paradise is only open to staying guests of the Capella Hotel.

5. One-Ninety Bar, Ground Floor, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

One-Ninety Bar, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: The premises of resident One-Ninety Bar helmed by the legendary Javier de las Muelas is a sturdy nod to tradition, as it pampers the guest with a dynamic repertoire of classic cocktails and modern sinful mixes in a seductively lit domain elegantly flushed with old school table sets and couches. Need to catch one's breath? Not a problem at all. Push a door and step into the outdoor Terraza right beside. Continue the evening in a contrasting backdrop of resort green and grey with nary a stinge in the luxury department. Evidently seasons do occur in the Four Seasons Hotel.

6. Manhattan Bar, Level 2, Conrad Singapore Orchard (Formerly Regent Singapore)

Manhattan Bar, Conrad Singapore Orchard © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: No list is complete without mentioning the Manhattan Bar inside Conrad Singapore Orchard. Constantly touted as one of the world's finest watering holes, it offers a swanky cube-like facility for members of high society to hobnob and make merry within. Dressed in alluring black and rimmed by a brilliant shade of golden, this baby is as sexy as she is mysterious. Give me class. Flash. Give me snazzy. Flash. Give me panache. Flash. Time to succumb yes?

7. Club Millésime, Level 6, Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Club Millésime, Sofitel Singapore City Centre © The Luxe Brigade

Cause For Adulation: Millésime is "vintage" in Italian, and this exclusive enclave is accessible only to well-heeled guests staying at the hotel's luxury club rooms and suites. Ingest thoughtfully curated culinary creations paired with an extensive selection of wines, cocktails and beers sourced from around the world, at the same time be treated to a rather spectacular visual survey of the open pool area happening literally right next door. There is also the evening Apéro Chic cocktail hour to look forward to, where one can simultaneously mingle around and indulge in a luxurious variety of canapés, cold cuts and cheeses. Parfait n'est-ce pas?

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