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By The Luxe Brigade

InterContinental Singapore is a dazzling demonstration of hospitality's finest. Situated right in the heart of the heritage rich Bugis enclave and connected to the bustling Bugis Junction Shopping Mall, the backbone of its design is unmistakably Peranakan-relevantly layered with hints of Singapore's colonial past.

Its dedication to crafting a staying experience like none other run the gamut from a thoroughly competent showcase of traditional luxury infused with modern aesthetics to the affable, efficient service staff imbued with near impeccable manners and temperament. Rooms are nimble, poetic spaces of delight, elegantly furnished with a meticulously curated array of furniture and fixtures.

Onsite facilities-wise, resident restaurant Ash and Elm in particular will no doubt leave diners sufficiently impressed with its carefully cultivated range of European fare, while holidaying folks will sincerely adore the spacious pool and gym happening just a few floors up.

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• Intercontinental Singapore is a stone's throw away from Bugis MRT station on foot, and is in the vicinity of Bugis Cube, Bugis+ and Bugis Junction Shopping Malls. The ever popular Bugis Street which features an assortment of vendors peddling their wares (including souvenirs, clothes, accessories and snacks) is also within easy reach.

• The property is connected to Bugis Junction Shopping Mall via a rear entrance way (only accessible to staying guests); other patrons are required to proceed to the main lobby situated at the front.

• Free WiFi is provided within the hotel's premises.

• Daily breakfast is served at Ash and Elm restaurant located at the first floor of the hotel.

• Those seeking to do a bit of sightseeing can check out Tan Quee Lan Street which houses a cluster of eateries offering a wide range of flavorful local dishes, Mint Museum of Toys over at Seah Street, Bras Basah Complex as well as the National Library of Singapore.

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