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By The Luxe Brigade

Connected to the main Jalan Raya Lungsiakan main road by a meandering pebble trail spanning a few hundred meters and overlooking magnificent padi-fields, Villa Santun provides the perfect sanctuary for vacationers who seek to take a proper respite and stay hidden from the rest of the world.


The sprawling and exceptionally clean villas are unmistakably steeped in Balinese design tradition, and comfortably harmonized with surrounding spots of lush vegetation.


Enjoy the complete privacy of taking a shower in the open (barricaded of course) whilst listening to the stridulation of crickets and chirping of birds. Or take a dip in the pool within the villa compound and allow the calm waters to repair one's tired soul. Rejuvenation is definitely in order when one stays at Villa Santun.

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• Transfers to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport can be arranged for a fee typically paid in US dollar denomination. A single trip typically takes 90 minutes.

• A buggy is available (on request) to fetch guests to and from the shuttle bus stand by the main road.

• The daily shuttle bus service which transports guests to and from Ubud center (opposite Ubud Palace) runs at fixed 2 hour intervals commencing at 11am. Last pickup at night from Ubud center takes place at 10pm. Ad hoc transportation can be requested for a predetermined fee.

• Free WiFi is provided within the property's premises.

• One can dial reception to order snacks and meals which will be personally served to guests in their assigned villas. Breakfast choices include American, Continental and Bali-style.

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