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THE WhiskEy LIbrary

@The vagaBond club:

Satinder Garcha's

Magnum OPUS


The Whiskey Library At The Vagabond Club © Hotels And Photos

What exquisite pursuits do the ultra wealthy genuinely fancy? According to Bruce Wayne's personal butler, it would be "driving million dollar souped-up sports cars, dating movie stars, buying things that aren't for sale." As far as luxury real estate developer and boutique hotelier Satinder Garcha is concerned, amassing a treasure trove of rare vintage whiskies from around the world sure puts a smile on his face. Hence bear witness to The Whiskey Library at The Vagabond Club ( a hotel set inside a series of restored historic shophouses which he owns by the way), where endless sleekly customized glass cabinets stocked with over a thousand carefully curated bottles of prized spirits stand tall in one astoundingly fashioned lobby lounge of sultry red, pink and brass.


What's Your Choice of Poison For The Evening? © The Luxe Brigade

Indeed The Whiskey Library is Garcha's proud labor of love; admittedly he scoured the globe for a good two years, visiting countless distilleries and procuring top finds in far-flung places. Ardbeg Kildalton 2014, Old Pulteney 1983, Aberlour Single Malt Scotch and 32 year old Bunnahabhain from Scotland, '2018 Kirin Fuji-Gotemba 'Kunpu' Blended Whisky' , 'Kurayoshi 12 Year' Matsui Whisky and Mars IWAI Tradition Wine Cask Finish from Japan, Blood Oath Pact Bourbon from the US, Brighton Gin from the UK and Star of Bombay from Sri Lanka.......suffice to say the inventory cultivated is sheer staggering.

Connoisseurs with deep pockets will be delighted to learn everything is up for grabs; in fact purchase two bottles from The Whiskey Library and you can choose to store one of your own in any of 80 private lockers offered onsite. In case you aren't aware, a two-tier membership scheme (Elite-$3000/year ; Premium- $250/month) is currently available for subscription - folks who join get to enjoy an assortment of perks: unlimited access to the 24 hour Vagabond Gym located directly opposite the hotel, privileged seating at all The Whiskey Library events and preferential rates for guest rooms among others.

The Whiskey Library at The Vagabond Club is open daily till 2am. A bar facility which serves cocktails alongside shots of mainstream brands such as Johnnie Walker and Chivas as well as those of popular independent bottlers including Douglas Laing, Hunter Laing, Gordon & Macphail, Carn Mor and Signatory Vintage also happens right across within the same space. Lest we forget to mention, it comes complete with affable, extremely knowledgeable bartenders. We know this to be true, because they engaged us in sprightly discourse when we visited - one which turned out equal parts stirring and enlightening.


Address: 39 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207630

Tel: +65 6291 6677      E-mail:

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